Why the EU is good for small and medium enterprises

There will be a chance to change the current government by May 2020. However, we will not have an opportunity to vote again for EU membership if we leave on the 24th June. The vote we have on the 23rd June requires us to make a bigger decision than a general election. After every election there will be another one and we can vote people out. The EU referendum is a once in a lifetime decision.

Jeremy Corbyn, Labour leader and trade union movement argues for for remaining in the EU based on defending workers' rights. They have answered the question of "What has the EU ever done for me?" in a very clear way that no one should have any doubts about voting to Remain in the EU.
Some of the benefits of our membership could be listed as:
- Over 3 million jobs in the UK are linked to our membership of the EU
- Lower prices in Shops
- Cheaper Flights
- Equal Pay
- Holiday Pay
- Cleaner Air
- Visa Free travel
- Cheaper mobile calls
- Protection against discrimantion
- 60 years of peace in Europe
- Tariff-Free single market
- access to a home market of 500 million consumers
- The right to work in the EU
- Rights for part time workers
- %44 our exports
Labour's former cabinet members David Miliband and Alan johnson also made the pro-business case for staying in the EU by highlighting the scale of the EU investment in Britain that goes beyond the City of London, across the UK.
As a small business owner, I believe small and medium-sized businesses do benefit from the EU membership. New figures confirms that 1.2 million small firms export to Europe or supply firms that export to Europe which clearly demonstrates the importance of free trade with the EU.  I am not a big fan of Tory government but agree when Business secretary Sajjid Javid said "This shows yet again that Britain’s small businesses are stronger, safer and better off in Europe.  If we leave the EU, small firms are on the front line and that's a gamble with people's livelihoods I'm not willing to take. Small businesses are the backbone of our economy. Let's not break that backbone with a leap into the dark."
Lets not forget that jobs and investment in Britains financial services would also be hit from Brexit.  If leaving the EU is going to end up costing us Jobs in all sectors, damage our economy, hurt small businesses, allow the next Tory government to remove rights from working people and cause security issues, than i think like millions of others in England that we are stronger in. 


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