The comparison between the last few months & Watergate is staggering

Let me set the scene. There was a high profile security break-in at Democratic National Committee Headquarters to access classified files by a group of intelligence agency operatives intent on changing the outcome of the Presidential Election. The FBI found evidence linking the attack to an intelligence agency. The official spokesman for the Republican candidate described the break in as “third rate” and denied any knowledge or contact with the individuals responsible.

The Republican President was briefed by the FBI that his aides may have links to the people responsible for the break in during the period the break in took place. The President however stood by the officials and did not release the information. It was only after information about these contacts were released by intelligence officials to the Washington Post and New York Times, the President was forced to ask for the resignation of a senior aide. The President considered the media the “enemy” and launched frequent attacks on their veracity and character. The Washington Post was banned from the press pool. 

Sound familiar? It may sound like I’m describing the events of the last few months surrounding Donald Trump. I’m not.

I am describing the Watergate Scandal and Richard Nixon.

The links between the two are uncanny. Both events involved a break into files at the DNC with the aim of smearing the Democratic candidate. Both events involved the employees/associates of an intelligence agency. Both events involved secret communications between the people who committed the act and the Republican candidate/President. Both events were decried as amateur by the Republican candidate/President and described as made up by the media. Both events were fueled by leaks from FBI investigations to the Washington Post and New York Times. Both events involved the Republican President being briefed about this information and withholding it from the public until it was broken in the media, only then asking for an aide to resign.

I was watching All the President’s men a few weeks ago and I was struck by the similarity between White House Press Secretary Ron Ziegler’s press conference attacking the Washington Post in the 1970’s and press events hosted by Sean Spicer. The language used is almost identical.

I don’t know how this will end and I have no evidence to suggest anything further than I’ve written above or is available in the public domain, but the comparisons are staggering. Until this point the chronology and timeline have been almost identical except for the arrest & trial of the people who actually broke into the DNC.

We shall see if the comparisons continue.


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