The UK needs a strong opposition

With the Labour Party Conference drawing to a close yesterday, and politicians, pundits and the public digesting what they have heard, the Confederation of British Industry shares much of Labour's vision for a fairer society underpinned by good business.

But without an open dialogue there is a risk that some of their policies could knock us into reverse gear.

After the UK’s momentous decision to leave the European Union, and with such significant economic challenges ahead, the UK needs a strong opposition firing on all cylinders and providing progressive, practical new ideas.

We welcome the Shadow Chancellor’s emphasis on entrepreneurship and productivity growth. Andthe focus on research & development, infrastructure and education is encouraging, but artificially hiking wages and changing corporation tax could be investment dampeners, not drivers.

Labour is certainly laying out a new way forward and we urge them to iron out inconsistent messages – especially the relationship between state and industry – and clarify policies that are sometimes hard to see delivered and paid for.

Labour can be reassured that they do have a significant joint agenda with businesses of all sizes, which stand ready to ensure that the opposition's ideas deliver sustainable prosperity across the UK, and avoid the threat of an era of regressive industrial strategy.

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