Trump's victory is not entirely surprising

Trump’s victory today is not entirely surprising, given the way centre-left parties have abandoned their core working class vote and have been taken over by the liberal elite.

Trump's strength was with the working poor and middle-class in the old industrial heartlands that feel abandoned by the political elites of both sides and is not dissimilar to the Brexit vote in the UK.

The modern centre-left coalition of minorities - the very poorest and the liberal elite - is very fragile. The parties of the right exploit these conditions to make gains with minorities (as in the UK 2015 General Election), suppress the poor and minority voting (which is ongoing) or turn out white working and middle class voters in larger numbers than the opposition’s working class voters (as we see with Brexit and Trump) to win elections.

Additionally, if centre-left parties do not carry the working class with them, what is their point? They then merely become protest groups run by wealthy liberals who focus primarily on social issues and identity politics which turn off their primary audience and potential supporters; working class voters.

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