Trump’s impact on UK tech

I think everyone was shocked to see that Trump won the US Election and many are concerned about the influence this will have on the UK tech and investment scene.

It’s no stretch to say that Trump doesn’t understand technology, with reports positing that Trump doesn't use a computer at home or in his office, nor does he send text messages or use emails - according to some he has his aides handle his online presence for him. With this in mind, how will Trump be able to help technology advance? 

From an ideological standpoint Trump’s campaign has centered around creating divides - whether it be racial or national, he has even vowed to remove the US from negotiated trade deals. In spite of this, uniting countries and people will play a big part in how technology advances, as a lot of the technology is now being developed for global users rather than local. Silicon Valley was quite clearly in favour of a Clinton win for this reasons and whilst I do not think one man can stop that momentum, he could certainly set it back.

As it stands Trump will not come into power until early next year so it will take some time to see the impact of his presidency on UK tech. This said, 2017 will already be a pivotal year for the UK as Article 50 could be coming into play. There are many factors that will influence the Uk markets and only time will tell what these will yield. 

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