Trump's victory could be beneficial for the UK property market

The US economy remains the force that sets the pace for the rest of the world.

Even with the rise of China and the growth of other emerging markets, America is still the strongest economy in the world.

Donald Trump's US presidential election victory raises concerns over the impact of this outcome for global economies, including that of the UK. Today's Trump victory is likely to cause market trepidation around the world. Many companies and investors may look to move their investments and companies, at least in part, out of the US to safer havens.

Trump's election could generate a significant movement in the US dollar and potentially jeopardise US diplomatic relations across the world.

However, Trump's victory may well prove beneficial for the UK property market, as investors seek to migrate their portfolios from the US to a more secure and predictable market - the UK. This may even mean that the sterling could rise in value. Under Trump's stewardship, 'predictable' may need to be removed from the US English dictionary for the next four years.

Only time will tell how the US property market - and others around the world - respond to his election victory.

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