Travelling blind: picture a visually impaired worldview

The first thing I notice when I travel, are the sounds around me. Major city centers & forests create different sounds in winter or summer…then I notice the smells.

My favourite destination is Manitu Island, Michigan. This is very close to where I grew up in Traverse City MI, but it’s still one of my favorite places.  It is just far enough away from the main land that you can no longer hear any of the sounds of cities or just daily life. The island has large dunes and a majestic forest, you have the sounds of the wind in the trees, along with the waves rolling up on the beaches and birds and gulls making their calls: a wonderful place to rest your mind and let the tranquility of the place lull you to sleep.

I sometimes travel alone depending on where and for what reason, and other times with my significant other.  I do think if you travel alone you find yourself to be more immersed in the place that you're going to.


About the Artist

Alby Letoy interpreted and drew the globe trotting experiences of a group of visually impaired and blind travellers. The results are startlingly beautiful and wildly different. Each of the eight contributors to this inspired art project come from different backgrounds, have different stories and completely different professions. From woodworker and craftsman, George Wurtzel (above) to blind film critic Tommy Edison, Christine Ha, Winner of Masterchef U.S, to a jazz vocalist and avid traveller.

Here are some other drawings:









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