Tommy Robinson is absolute scum

I've spent nearly 15 years working around the UK Parliament. Many of friends and family work around the area. I've spent the afternoon frantically trying to make sure everyone is ok, deeply worried and upset about the attack on somewhere I know so well and a bridge, until I moved to New York, I walked over almost every day. 

To then see far right leader Tommy Robinson actually turn up at Parliament whilst people are dying, to blame muslims for this atrocity is absolutely disgraceful. To use such barbarity to call for an entire religion to be banned from the UK, stokes every fibre of rage in my bones. 

Now is the time for unity, not division. Resolve, not blame. Hope, not fear. 

I didn't see Tommy Robinson blaming every white christian when Thomas Mair shot dead a Labour MP. 

He may be consumed with hatred, but the hatred that he shows, is the hatred that the terrorists want to consume every person in Britain. That's when they win, when we are terrorised. 

Tommy Robinson is absolutely everything that Britain stands against and every right minded person should stand up and condemn him as the absolute scum that he is. 

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