Tim Roache

Tim Roache

Born and brought up in London, his dad worked on the docks. He started work in the GMB post room at the age of 17 and worked his way up working in the Midland region, representing both public and private sector members.

Tim stood on a platform of building the first truly 21st century union to be elected as General Secretary of GMB. He officially took up the reigns in March. He is also President of the Centre for Labour and Social Studies (Class).

He lives in Leeds but is a Gooner thanks to his London roots and coaches his son's local football team Kippax FC.

Tim Roache

Tim Roache

Tim Roache

GMB welcomes Labour pledges that will help millions

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GMB union welcomes the General Election pledges from the Labour Party that include:

- Giving workers equal rights from day one, whether they are part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent workers

- Banning zero hours contracts

- Ending the public sector pay cap

- Holding a public inquiry into blacklisting

- Raising the minimum wage to £10

This is exactly why we need a Labour government - if these policies were in place today, they'd transform the lives of millions of working people.

If Theresa May is serious about wanting to represent workers up and down this country, it's 'money where your mouth is' time.

She could match these pledges today and give people much needed security at work, end the public sector pay pinch that has seen the public servants we all rely on lose thousands of pounds in pay and instantly start to tackle in-work poverty.

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It is right that an un-elected Prime Minister goes to the polls

WriteYou is Britain's non-partisan social newspaper. You can follow our General Election Coverage here. If you enjoy our coverage please do consider becoming a member for £5 a month and supporting our mission for a non-partisan comment platform here

Get involved in the discussion by commenting on this article or WriteYou discussion by clicking here 

It is right that an un-elected Prime Minister goes to the polls, but this election cannot and should not be fought on sound bites and buzzwords. 

This election must be about the lives, hopes and worries of real people, not Westminster games. 

That means tackling insecure work, the housing crisis, a health and social care system close to breaking point and being clear about what the Government's Brexit plan means for each and every one of us.

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The Prime Minister is being selective with the truth

The Prime Minister says she wants to support all schools, but the flow of money tells a very different story. She is being as selective with the truth as she is with school admissions policies.
Without fanfare, the Chancellor has stashed away a £1 billion slush fund to provide for the Government's free school and grammar school obsession.
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GMB Slams ASOS Sweetheart Deal

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This is utterly disgraceful behaviour by the employer and by Community, who need to have a word with themselves if they think this will help a single worker in Barnsley. 

GMB represents hundreds of ASOS workers, we’ve been on the gates day in day out and have already forced the company to change some of its appalling employment practices. 

It’s been a high profile campaign on the ground and in the press, exposing what’s wrong at ASOS, I’m not surprised they want us to go away.

Unfortunately for ASOS that’s not how it works. 

That Community are behaving more like bosses’ lackeys than a union is probably why the company has carved up this nice little deal to give themselves some cover.

Community has turned up for the first time today and is literally having to give away membership - that says it all.

Workers there are as puzzled as anyone as to what they're playing at. 

It’s workers, not their bosses, who choose their union – it’s called the right to freedom of association. 

We won’t be abandoning our members now, or ever.

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Come clean on what Brexit plan means for jobs and wages

Fantastical speeches and wishful thinking is all well and good, but what does this actually mean for British jobs and industry in the coming years? 

The British people deserve to know what the consequences of the Theresa May's priorities could be for them – what does it mean for jobs, wages, the cost of living and the British economy? It's time for the government to come clean on who would pay what price.

A leap in the dark and political platitudes just won't cut it for families trying to budget and plan for the future. When it comes to the day to day impact of the government's Brexit policy on working people, sadly it's still as clear as mud. 

The government cannot cling to the failed policies of the past as a roadmap for what comes next – the politicians and businesses who allowed the growth of zero hours and agency Britain, Tory governments who wouldn't support British steel and British industry, instead hiding behind the EU as a reason not to intervene and those who profited from cheap EU labour while the wages and conditions of skilled workers were undercut are what lead us here in the first place.

The Chancellor's threats to turn Britain into a tax haven this week show Tory ministers are badly out of step with a country that wants greater fairness and not more favours to big business.

We need a government that will properly invest in our workforce, public services, communities and industry and take action against rogue employers exploiting migrant labour through weak employment laws.

The Prime Minister already has many powers at her disposal and can start work today if she is serious about improving people's lives. Theresa May does not have to hide behind two years of discussions with EU countries when she can fully fund our NHS, introduce a proper living wage and give workers in Britain stronger safeguards now

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My New Year Message

In generations to come, 2016 may well be looked back on as a turning point in modern history.

In the past year, the decades of frustration felt by working people and working class communities has seen a seismic shock to the established political and economic order.

This time last year, very few people would have predicted Brexit or a Trump presidency.

For those who still scratch their heads about why we’re leaving the EU, as we head into the New Year, I ask you to think what life would be like if you didn't know what hours you'd get next week, if you knew what your bills would be but not your wage, if you not only had to look after your kids but your ailing parents too because the care system and NHS were stretched to breaking point, if you looked around and wondered how your kids would get a good job or a home of their own.

Think what life would be like if you saw no prospect of that changing, if you expected things to get worse not better, to always have to struggle.

In 2016, like decades before, employers worked every loophole they could find to make a few more pence on the bottom line, while hundreds of thousands of people muddled along in permanent insecurity on agency contracts, with no rights as bogus self-employed workers or as a paid up member of zero hours Britain.

The gig economy – as GMB’s historic victory against Uber this year showed – has become a byword for centuries old, exploitative working practices lurking inside the most modern of enterprises.

Local government, the care system and our NHS are on their knees. I cannot be clearer, they are in crisis.

And these are services that each and every one of us who has to work for a living relies on in our daily lives.

2016 was the year when so many people chose to take a risk and vote for change because – however great that risk - the prospect of business as usual was out of the question.

2017 must be the year where employers and politicians alike hold their heads up, finally ‘get it’ and listen.

This last year, people couldn’t have shouted much louder.

In the coming year, I will lead GMB as we stand shoulder to shoulder with our members and those who need us most.

Fighting for better, fighting for hope, fighting for a 2017 for the many, not the few. 


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Now is the time to unite

The result is in and it's clear. Jeremy Corbyn has been elected as Labour Party leader with a clear mandate. As clear as the mandate is, so is what must come next. 

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Britain needs an industrial strategy

The need for an industrial strategy couldn’t come at a more crucial time for our country, economy and our trade union movement.

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Stop Playing Fast And Loose on Trident

Below is the press release that we've put out at GMB about tonight's vote on Trident:

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36 hours to save workers rights

In the past, leading figures from the Leave campaign have said they believe EU legislation that protects workers’ rights is ‘job destroying’. Their intentions are absolutely clear.

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