This is our last chance to take back control

When you think about how to cast your vote, you just need to ask yourself one question. Would you join the European Union today? If you want control over your money – the answer is noIf you want control of your borders and your security - the answer is noIf you want control over all your taxes and your trade – the answer is no.

The European Union isn’t working anymore. The noble idea, dreamt up in the last century, is turning into a nightmare. Youth unemployment in euro countries like Greece is over 50%. Harsh austerity policies imposed by the EU have forced privatisation of public services and attacked pensions and rights at work. Europe’s economy is broken. The only continent with a lower growth rate than Europe is Antarctica.

The EU is in control of our trade. Inside the EU we can’t negotiate our own trade arrangements with the world’s fastest growing markets. The EU's share of our exports has fallen from 55% in 2002 to 45% in 2014. Outside the EU we can control our own trade and reach agreements to access markets with faster growth.

This will be good for UK industry. We are not successful at producing cars because of the EU. We are successful because we produce outstanding high quality cars that people want. EU consumers are not going to stop buying cars made in Britain any more than we are going to stop buying cars from Germany.

Today we have free movement of 500 million people across an area including the broken euro zone which has mass youth unemployment. Without control of our borders we cannot plan for our public services. Outside the EU we can have a fair immigration system and protect the NHS.

Our membership fee of the EU is £350 million pounds a week. That’s your money. Some of it comes back in a rebate the EU controls, some is spent for us by the EU in Britain but half of it we never see again. Outside the EU we can take back control of that money and spend it on our priorities like the NHS.

This is our last chance to take back control. If you would not vote to join the EU now, then do not vote to stay. I am a mother and a grandmother. I want my children and grand-children to grow up in a strong and confident country. I believe in Britain. I say to you take control and Vote leave.

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