The rocket backs Jeremy Corbyn

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Legendary snooker champion Ronnie “the rocket” O’Sullivan has backed Jeremy Corbyn on Twitter.

He has supported Jeremy publicly on several occasions.



At the last General Election O’Sullivan backed Ed Miliband and provided significant positive publicity to Miliband. His team built strong relations with O'Sullivan and Ed's Political Secretary Anna Yearley is still in touch with O'Sullivan. 

The real significance of this is what Jeremy Corbyn’s team does with this now. They have a very high level endorser and so far they don’t appear to have done any campaigning with O’Sullivan.

This is a prime opportunity for a big media hit and perhaps shows that they need to beef up their stakeholder operations. Jeremy did a significant amount of work with celebrities under Felicity Appleby, Jeremy’s stakeholder manager, but after she left in October to work at the United Nations this work has not been continued.

Celebrity endorsements can be very useful for fundraising. When I worked as Head of Digital for the London Mayoral Election in 2012, we raised over £100,000 in online donations thanks to Eddie Izzard giving £25,000 of his own money and agreeing to front our front raising campaign. They are also great for videos and other campaign stunts. 

It will be interesting to see how Jeremy’s campaign uses celebrities during the General Election and what endorsements they are able to get.

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