Kerim Derhalli, invstr

Taking control of finance – five resolutions for millennials in 2017

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Ed Thewlis, The Data Shed

How Cloud Computing Can Unlock Growth for SMEs

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Joel Hughes, Indiegogo

10 Tips to successfully crowdfunding your idea

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David Evans, BCS The Chartered Institute for IT

Brexit as catalyst for change for good

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Richard Nockles, Surround Vision

Virtual reality has genuine power to do good

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Serguei Beloussov, Acronis

Managed Chaos: Team management in a fast-growing company

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John Zanni, Acronis

Understanding the fifth basic human need: data

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Lee Murphy, Pandle

Trump’s impact on UK tech

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Chris Purcell, Epicor Software

Overcoming the data avalanche to make better business decisions

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Antonios Tsourdos, Autonomous and Cyber-Physical Systems Centre

Autonomous technology needs public understanding and trust

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Ben Wilson, Care Protect

Technology debate key to improving 'unacceptable' care standards

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Christoph Bader, Kingston Technology

Avoid Bankruptcy: The new EU GDPR calls for data encryption

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Markus Berensson

Why autonomous vehicles lead to more congestion

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Helen Brown, Beacon Centre

Don't lose sight of what is right in front of you

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Tom Watson MP, Labour Deputy Leader

We need to start thinking about how we respond to automation

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Clive Lewis MP

Home insulation as national infrastructure would save money, lives and the planet

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