Why did Sean Spicer condemn voter fraud in 2012 and not today?

Today we witnessed the spectacle of Sean Spicer, President Trump's Press Secretary, refusing to say if there would be an investigation into alleged voter fraud or produce any evidence.

The following is from an AOL news article:

Following several questions at Tuesday's briefing, NPR's Mara Liasson insisted that if Trump's claims of voter fraud were true, this would be the "biggest scandal in American electoral history," and asked why he's not actively investigating.

"Maybe we will," said Spicer. "We'll see where we go from here, but right now the focus the president has is on putting Americans back to work. It was a comment he made on a longstanding belief."

Spicer later confirmed that "there is no investigation," but that "anything is possible.

Thing is he wasn't so silent in 2012 when the RNC paid a firm nearly $3 million dollars and some of their employees engaged in voter fraud. At the time he said:

Sean Spicer, communications director for the RNC, said Strategic Allied Consulting had been retained by the RNC and state Republican parties to register new Republican voters in five key battleground states. But Spicer said that the party's relationship with the firm-- which has been paid $2.9 million by the RNC so far this year, according to federal elections records -- has now been terminated in light of alleged voter fraud linked to one of the firm's employees that was reported this week to Florida prosecutors by election officials in Palm Beach County. "We've made it clear we're not doing business with these guys anymore," said Spicer. "We've come out pretty strong against this kind of stuff -- and we have zero tolerance for this."

If Sean Spicer condemned voter fraud so strongly in 2012 why not now?

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