All disabled people should have access to specialist employment support

We welcome the Government commitment to look again at the use of Work Capability Assessment for people claiming Employment Support Allowance.

The current system causes stress and anxiety for disabled people and clearly isn’t fit for purpose. Changes are vital and long overdue.

The Work Capability Assessment, in its current form, doesn’t accurately identify people who can and cannot work. This is because the tests used look at people’s ability to perform functional tasks, rather than on their ability to work.

All disabled people, including those with complex needs, should have access to specialist employment support so that they can make a contribution, regardless of their entitlement to welfare benefits.

The consultation will be a key opportunity for the government to address these issues and re-state their commitment to halving the disability employment gap.  It is essential that within this there is a clear commitment to enabling people with more complex needs to fulfill their ambitions for employment if they are able to work.

Providing specialist employment support for disabled people, and improving assessments to identify people who can and cannot work should be key strands of the Government’s approach. The government also need to proactively reach out to employers, encouraging them to consider disabled applicants.

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