A response to Amber Rudd's speech

Following the EU Referendum, we need an approach to migration that both supports the economy and deals with public concerns.

In this regard, the Home Secretary's announcement on more funding to support public services in key areas of the country is welcome.

But it is also time to be clear about the value of migration to the UK, as well as its challenges. Businesses will not welcome further restrictions on high skilled migration from key trading partners around the world, especially as a series of changes were only announced earlier this year. At a time when we need strong links globally to seize new opportunities after the referendum, being seen as open to the best and brightest is vital. And we should be clear that business does not see immigration and training as an either/or choice. We need both.

The UK's universities are a crown jewel in supporting innovation, growth and skills development. Many courses are sustained here in the UK because we can attract students and faculty from around the world. The Government must tread carefully on any changes to student immigration to make sure we don't undermine this critical sector for national prosperity.

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