Top Five: Reforms to Narrow Gender Inequality

Maria Miller is arguably the most important voice in Parliament for gender equality.

The Basingstoke MP was women and equalities minister in 2012-14, a role she cares about so much that she put her name forward to chair the new women and equalities select committee last year.

In this job she is currently leading inquiries on the lack of women in the House of Common and why there is such a gender imbalance in executive management.

As part of WriteYou's special to mark the United Nations' International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women, political editor Mark Leftly asked Miller what the top five reforms are necessary to narrow gender inequality:


1. "Better paid leave for fathers: You (men) will like that one too!"


2. "All jobs should be advertised as flexible: flexible doesn't mean part time, it means there could be compressed hours, job sharing."


3. "Increase the number of women in management roles: we're currently on 30% and the focus has been on non-executives so far, which is important, but those jobs don't shape the day to day at work."


4. "Tackling sexual assaults at school: this undermines women's confidence from the outset."


5. "More women in Parliament: of course I'd say that, wouldn't I?"

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