R U Voting, USA?

I’ve been catching up with the latest US Presidential Debate between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton.

So, what did it all mean and what issues did they address? Well, essentially none as far as I could see. 

I always thought debate should surely be about the issues, not about who may have said or done what, or indeed what their husband, child or other associate has said or done!  But of course personal assassinations are more of a ratings winner than policy discussions.   

Trump is not a long-serving politician; he is a man and one that, like me, works in business.  Now, right or wrong, the unspoken truth of the world is that what he said is really not that uncommon, but it really is a case of don’t hate the player or, in fact, the game.

Have I ever muttered, or indeed proclaimed statements that could be taken adversely by the fairer sex, or by minority groups, or by anyone else for that matter. Yes I have.  I would say I would be at the upper end of that spectrum, as are most of the men, and women, that I know.

Banter, locker room chatter and outright insults are part of the world we live in. I am constantly amused by people having to resign their positions for swearing, or being caught discreetly filmed speaking their mind on a subject; something that a massive cross section of society does day in day out.  The world could use a lot less political correctness and that needs to start now. 

So, Donald Trump has objectified women, has been accused of sexual misconduct and is canny with his tax returns to minimise what he pays in direct taxes.

He also runs successful businesses, contributes immensely to the US economy and has well-raised and presented children, which is something that even Hillary Clinton has commented on, which says a lot! 

Personally, I’m not sure of Hillary’s value. I am sure she has some though and, of course, definitely has legacy.  She always brings up anti-women issues on TV, and everywhere else she can it seems, and I guess, as a woman in a powerful position, uses it to galvanise support and turn the tide against Mr Trump.

It’s a solid plan, just a shame the two of them cannot focus on the positives either of them will bring to the US Presidency.

Trump, on the other hand, is simply his own worst enemy.  His thoughts come out of his mouth the moment they appear in his head. I have to say though, his flattery of Clinton being a “fighter” and “doesn’t give up” is much the same with Trump, a reflection of something I admire and I think the Americans should admire too; he’s come back from the point of no return more than once.

What he wants to achieve for the USA is worthy of note.  The Australians have done it and no-one missed a beat with border protection and an aggressive stance on immigration.

The US is quite right to defend its economy and have some energy independence and managed correctly, like a business, led by a non PC-businessman, could really make a difference.

I will accept, and this is an understatement, that the choice is not ideal.  But the battle for the US Presidency, for me is a one horse race.

Two terms of democratic-led nonsense has left the USA in a mess. A touch of some extreme leadership may well get the good ship USA sailing towards the future once again.

It’s an unenviable task and one I’m not sure Trump has really grasped, I guess we shall see. However, I’d rather have Donald’s approach than vanilla, self-interested non-leadership from Hillary Clinton.

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