The Prime Minister is being selective with the truth

The Prime Minister says she wants to support all schools, but the flow of money tells a very different story. She is being as selective with the truth as she is with school admissions policies.
Without fanfare, the Chancellor has stashed away a £1 billion slush fund to provide for the Government's free school and grammar school obsession.
These figures reveal the true extent of the Prime Minister’s plot to impose an unneeded, unwanted and damaging top-down imposition of selective education.
The National Audit Office has said £6.7 billion is required to bring existing school buildings up to scratch and yet the Government press ahead with diverting money to its pet projects. Our schools simply cannot afford such neglect - and yet the Government seems dead set on running them into the ground.
They are looking to the past and trying to turn the clock back -  when they could be providing education fit for the future and funding it properly.

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