The power of the voluntary sector

The third sector has gained increasing recognition for its contribution to society.

It is only recently we are researching by how volunteers are transformed through volunteering. I have been one of these lucky people I have volunteered for if I can remember it has become part of who I am and my daily life.  I strongly believe in what has be referred to as the ‘double benefit’. 

Volunteering is not the same as traditional work experience however that being said you can gain many of the same benefits and more. Through being a volunteer you demonstrate so many generic skills of working with other people, communication, time management and the character of going to extra mile. Other skills would vary on your role for example form cooking, mentoring, event management and account management.

Why does this matter?

You gain valuable skills and sometimes qualifications that will enable you to stand out from the crowd when applying for university, placements and jobs.

But volunteering should never be a to gain something on your CV exercise it should come from a passion inside of you towards a group or issue.  When I began volunteering it was something I never mentioned and would not of thought relevant to an employer-But it is! Don’t be ashamed to shout about what you do as it enables employers to gain a fuller understanding of who you are. 

Though there are so many more benefits it provides you with an outlet to purse a passion through this, I find you don’t get exhausted but your passion grows, the more you help the more you realise more assistance is needed. Furthermore, you have the opportunity to meet and work with people you would never meet otherwise from a range of backgrounds this strengthens your sense of belonging and community to a place and organisation.   

So what now?

It depends where you are, the first step is to identify issues where you feel a call to act for me its supporting young people especially encouraging and pulling down soci-economic barriers, what is it for you? 

P.S. Volunteering will open more doors than you can imagine.

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