Huffington Post's Paul Waugh blasts Labour's Debbie Abrahams

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Huffington Post Political Editor Paul Waugh has tweeted an incredible rant about a member of the Labour Shadow Cabinet and their Political Advisor (PAD). Waugh is complaining that the Shad Cab member took his story and gave it to another outlet. 

Multiple sources high level sources including another member of the Shadow Cabinet have pointed the figure at Debbie Abrahams and her Political Advisor. I spoke with her PAD last night who didn't deny the story and has since not replied to any texts or phone calls. A Spokesman for Jeremy Corbyn declined to comment when I put to him that it was Abrahams and the PAD.

I didn't run the story last night as I wanted to be sure my information was accurate. 

The Guardian subsequently published this article featuring Abrahams. 

Part of the reason for publishing this article is the experience I have had with WriteYou. We run significant original content due to my deep and wide ranging connections in the Labour Party and have a rapidly growing readership. I've worked incredibly hard to get the site to where it is. 

On many occasions I will pitch an idea to someone and find it in another news outlet. Other outlets regularly take our work without crediting it. The Manchester Evening News for example ripped off whole quotes without naming us. Rowena Mason, the journalist who is one 2 named in the Guardian piece, also ran a piece that ripped off whole quotes from WriteYou without crediting us in August last year. 

I've seen a number of people criticising Paul Waugh on my Facebook this morning. This really misses the point. 

The point is about trust. A huge amount of work goes into creating content and it's deeply frustrating when it's used by someone else without credit. Debbie Abrahams has now made an enemy of Paul Waugh, one of Britain's most respected journalists, completely unnecessarily. 

It's not a conspiracy, it's simply just bad people management. 

Here is the first of Waugh's 19 tweets. 


You can read the full rant here

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