We must keep fighting for a more open world

Whether Trump’s campaign stance of aggressive isolationism is pursued once he takes office remains to be seen, but it’s more important than ever - and the responsibility of everyone - to keep fighting for a more open world.

If that focus is maintained, it is very hard to see how the genie of globalisation can be stuffed back in its bottle. It has been the catalyst for the free movement and ability to travel we take to be a right, not a privilege.

It’s also underpinned an industry that contributed nearly $7.6 billion in GDP and 277 million jobs to the global economy in 2014 alone, according to the World Travel & Tourism Council – a sector that empowers people to cross borders to see the world, and which encourages governments to work together to realise and facilitate the social, cultural and economic benefits that travel can bring. 

But if our governments can’t be relied on to take definitive action to protect and preserve that right, it’s up to businesses to remain optimistic, keep the doors open and continue to foster a more open world.

We’re regularly reminded of the resilience of people to face down the barriers thrown up against them, and the increased traffic to our websites by people searching for travel information during – or even in spite of – these turbulent times reflects that. We hope openness and togetherness prevails over fear in this case as well.

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