No to racism, No to trump

Donald Trump widely spread his racist words during his campaign to be elected US President, but it wasn’t only a campaign strategy. After his election he didn’t stop in words or actions - he seems to really think that some people are “lazy” or “criminal” or “rapist” due to their skin colour or their background.

A leader of the Virginia KKK even admitted that “The reason a lot of Klan members like Donald Trump is because a lot of what he believes, we believe in.”

It is terrifying to see how he keeps openly targeting people because of their skin colour and their genetic heritage.

But Trump’s unacceptable speech is also dangerous to BAME members of the US public - since his election, the number of hate incidents has exploded in the US.

Encouraging ideas of hate is not tolerated and punished by law in all the democratic countries of the World. But Trump keeps spreading his degrading words with no shame; and Theresa May has invited him to our country despite the thousands of people signing petitions against it.

The UK has a history of multiculturalism. The British economy and culture have been built on strong values of respect, equality and justice. British people are proud of that and welcoming Trump in our country would be welcoming his unacceptable words and his wrong ideas.

The US has made wonderful steps forward since the civil rights movement, yet listening to Trump today is a terrifying flashback to a middle age colonialist time, and we certainly don’t want to hear that on UK soil later this year. 

Today is the time to look for real solutions for the future of our country not hatred and scapegoating. For this reason, today we must reject Trump’s message of racism. Because we want to safeguard the values of our country; today we stand Up to Trump and to him being given the honour of an official visit!


  • Sondoss Zaouali represents the Muslim Association of Britain, which is part of Stand Up to Trump.
  • This Saturday sees Donald Trump mark 100 days as US President. You can follow Stand Up to Trump at , and

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