Momentum swings behind Yasmine Dar

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After Sam Wheeler was kept off the shortlist by moderate Labour MPs, I understand from multiple sources Manchester Momentum has swung behind Moston Councillor Yasmin Dar.

The Sam Wheeler operations centre that was set up with dozens of activists, is now phoning members tonight in Gorton to support Dar. The Wheeler campaign think they signed up a significant number of pledges, that they can now switch to Dar. They achieved this through phoning the Momentum membership in Manchester Gorton. 

Afzal Khan, the clear favourite, has sent a text message and email to the entire membership and I understand has posted a direct mail that will hit letterboxes tomorrow. He issued a statement you can read here

Mr Khan is increasingly looking the favourite, unless Mr Rahman can generate enough support to win on the 1st round which seems unlikely. Labour internal elections are held using the Alternative Vote system. This means you rank your candidates in order and at the end of each round the candidate with the fewest number of voters is eliminated and their votes reallocated until someone reaches 50%.

Rabnawaz Akbar's block vote will likely support Khan, due to the contempt of the Akbar camp for Mr Rahman. I understand that Momentum prefer Khan to Rahman, so if it goes to transfers, it put's Khan in a strong position. 

It seems almost certain that Afzal Khan will be the Labour candidate. 

You can read Momentum's statement here.

I approached Dar, Lone, Rahman and Ali for statements but they did not reply at the time of publishing. 

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