Momentum protests New Statesman’s “overt attack” to “undermine” Jeremy Corbyn

Momentum has sent out the below email to their membership calling for a protest against the New Statesman.

This is a completely counter productive waste of time. As a senior insider said to me this is “crackers”.

Another leading source said, “What the fuck is the point of this? Instead of wasting time campaigning against the New Statesman we could be running campaigns to win votes”.

The media narrative and the power of online media has been a pet hobbyhorse (my wife would say obsession) of mine. Regular readers of my articles will have seen me explain that the way to change minds is to change the narrative online and maximize content distribution.

Rather than protesting the New Statesman, a move only likely to annoy them, the left should focus on developing their own media sources and helping build platforms like this one. They should also be devising campaigns and strategies to get the New Statesman to cover them positively.

Momentum members who want to support left media are welcome to give a donation to WriteYou by clicking here. Momentum are also encourage to write for this platform.   

Alternatively I would recommend Dale Carnegie's book "How to make friends and influence people", available here. 


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