Manchester exec member confirms resignation

Following my exclusive article earlier today about Manchester Councillor Kate Chappell triggering a by-election, she has been in touch to confirm the story. 

She has denied accusations made to me by over a dozen Manchester political figures that she had been bullied.

Here is her full statement:

It is my intention to resign from Manchester City Council but it is not at all true that I've been bullied by members of Rusholme branch or that I feared deselection. The people who said that to you are mistaken.

I was confident of reselection (at least as confident as anyone can be) and had no reason at all not to be. Rusholme branch members, officers and my ward colleagues have never been anything other than incredibly supportive of me - including through the periods whilst I've been representing the ward whilst juggling caring responsibilities for small children, for which I am very grateful to them.

I am choosing to standing down because for the next couple of years I would like to be a stay-at-home mum to my three children, who are all under five. I hope to re-enter politics again when my children are a little older.

When I discussed my intention with Rusholme branch officers and ward colleagues it was made very clear to me that I would have their strong support if I could be persuaded to stay on. Unfortunately it's just not right for my family.

I too have always been sceptical about people resigning for 'family reasons' but in this case it is 100% true. It's inaccurate and damaging to suggest I'm standing down for any other reason. 

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