Theresa May is pandering to the loony right

Theresa May has finally let let her Brexit cat exit the bag but there's no surprise in finding her pandering to the loony right among her MPs who carry long outdated romantic conceptions about trade and markets that have no foundation in the modern world.  
Make no mistake, today's speech signals the Tories have no intention of taking back control of our economy in Britain's public interest. But they are handing it over to be run in the interests of corporations and big money. 
Indeed, just today, May's government has sanctioned the Japanese Company Mitsui buying a 40pc stake in the Greater Anglia rail operating franchise from Holland. Taking back control for the benefit of the Japanese economy may work for the City's 1pc, but it doesn't give Britain's rail passengers and taxpayers more control over their own lives - as she promised she'd do when she stood on the streets of Downing Street last June.
She may be leader of the Tory Party, but she is an unelected Prime Minister with no mandate to carry out Brexit negotiations on behalf of Britain's citizens. And we must be deeply concerned that   UKIP leader, Paul Nutgall, has said the speech did sound like a UKIP one. To quote May's former boss David Cameron, the Tory party now appears to be dancing to the tune of fruitcakes, loonies and closet racists. We urgently need a government that puts Britain's people's needs before the profits of multinationals

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