Let Trump get on with the job

Once I get passed quickly wondering if someone will launch a legal challenge to see if Mr Trump is allowed to win the election, or perhaps the margin wasn’t big enough, or even because there is lots of Facebook chatter about how people didn’t mean him to win, I then take stock of what’s next.

My sincere hope is that Mr Trump will immediately put bygones behind him and focus right now on the issues. He must not forget who have voted him in, those desperate people from the “Rust Belt’, the working class Americans, the silent majority and so on and so forth.

He must now heal the rifts, galvanise support and deploy his business brain in how to get Americans back to work, and indeed make America great again. The task is gargantuan, I do think, though, that this real businessman, experienced in running corporations turning over billions with a straight-talking, no nonsense approach is exactly what America, and perhaps also the UK, needs right now.

I'd ask Mr Trump not to forget about the special relationship between the US and Britain, especially now, as so many on this side of the pond, including myself, share a number of ideas on issues such as tax.

The President-elect also has to avoid baiting the press and get on with business; simply apologise and give Hillary a hug, thank all for his support and appoint a strong field of management around him.  This is what he has done in business and should apply in politics, including bringing in some who don’t agree with him to challenge him in a constructive way.

Mr Trump can make massive moves quickly, and will need to settle things down both in his back yard and with international players.

Among his early tasks is the need to clean house and remove the non-decision making wasters who just burn time and money.

If he makes good on his commitment to close down immigration then he has to focus on putting Middle America back to work and have them actually make things again.

This would be part of protecting the American economy, building it from within and helping it provide for itself rather than outsourcing.  As a matter of fact, this is all starting to sound remarkably similar to my suggestions for a strong post-Brexit Britain.

Isn’t it interesting too, the similarity between the tipping point for Brexit in the UK with the reliance on the swing of the industrial North East and areas of industrial heartland like Dudley, which are all traditionally Labour strongholds?

This is indeed America’s Brexit; I just hope they now get on with it and don’t pause to gloat, challenge or reminisce.  Just let the President get on with his job!

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