WriteYou's Labour Conference Special

WriteYou’s latest intervention looks at the battle for the heart of Labour.

After Jeremy Corbyn’s win on Saturday, we ask prominent Labour MP’s whether the party can now unite under the veteran left-wingers leadership or whether his tenure will spell the beginning of the end for the party. 

Louise Ellman, the MP for Liverpool Riverside and Chair of the Transport Select Committee, warns that Corbyn must not mistake his leadership contest win as a vote of electoral confidence.

“The vote of the membership, supporters and affiliates might be decisive, but this does not reflect the views of the electorate, whose support is required to win a general election.”

Lucy Powell MP, the Manchester Central MP, says the leadership battle is settled and it's now time for Labour to win the battle of ideas.

“This is a challenge to every member of the Labour Party, from the grassroots activists taking our ideas onto the streets and into towns not currently Labour, through to the top of the party where we need to show that we have the confidence and the trust to come together, drawing on the best talents and different views to create a strong, well-evidenced, robust policy platform with a clear vision for the country.”

Richard Burgon, the Labour MP for Leeds East says, Labour and its members now need to use the energy they had in electing Jeremy Corbyn and use it to produce a general election-winning campaign.

“Jeremy’s election and re-election have been driven by events and economic realities which have made the rejection of austerity and the 1980s-style economics of deregulation and marketisation into mainstream politics.”

And today WriteYou launches a new regular feature - Top Fives. To kick it off, we asked former Labour leader Lord Neil Kinnock who his top five political enemies of all time were.

Louise Haigh MP will also be publishing an article later today.

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