The Labour Party is alive and kicking

Jeremy Corbyn has been elected leader of the Labour Party again, with an increased mandate.

He was elected by an even bigger majority than last time, with over 300,000 votes and 61.8% of the vote. And he won decisively in all sections - amongst Party members, amongst trade unionists and other affiliated supporters and amongst registered supporters.

Over half a million people voted in the election. Over 100,000 more recently joined members couldn’t take part. And a further 15,000 have joined since Jeremy’s re-election was announced.

It was a fantastic demonstration of how principled politics can mobilise members who themselves delivered the impressive operation to get out the vote. 

What won this election was Jeremy’s positive ‘rebuild and transform’ agenda, focused on public investment in Britain’s future and challenging a Conservative government rewarding its friends whilst hammering the majority with cuts.

That vision and that approach convinced thousands of people to join the campaign. Alongside the rallies, volunteers took part in a massive canvassing operation - making 300,000 calls from phonebanks across the UK and making over 100,000 more via a ground-breaking phone canvassing app.

We need to channel that ‘rebuild and transform’ programme and that enthusiasm for activity into a General Election-winning campaign that will deliver a better future for people right across the UK. 

Jeremy’s election and re-election have been driven by events and economic realities which have made the rejection of austerity and the 1980s-style economics of deregulation and marketisation into mainstream politics. Jeremy’s election and re-election is part and parcel of a renewed support for positive intervention into the economy and public services for the purposes of ensuring a better deal for all. 

Throughout the summer, Jeremy set out engaging and forward-looking policy ideas that challenge the austerity agenda and can inspire voters at the next General Election. For example, Labour’s National Investment Bank would deliver the investment we need for high quality jobs, half a million new council homes and public services of the quality the public deserve.

And that’s what we’ve heard at our conference, our Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell showing the passion, principle and pragmatism required to deliver real change with his pledge to ‘rewrite the rules of our economy’; our Shadow Housing Minister, Teresa Pearce, set out how we will free local government from damaging shackles so they local government can build the homes our communities need. On the same day, our Shadow Transport Minister; Andy McDonald, made clear Labour’s commitment to taking bus-services and our railways back into public control. And there will be more positive announcements this week.

The Labour Party is alive and kicking. It is now the largest political Party in Europe and it is Jeremy Corbyn’s call for ‘a new politics’ that has motivated this membership surge.

We all have a responsibility to get behind the Leader of our Party and to work with him both in effectively exposing the failings of the Conservative cuts agenda and convincing the electorate of our alternative of investing in a fairer future for all.

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