Councillor Kevin Peel suspended from Manchester Labour Group for insulting Salford Council

High profile Manchester City Centre Councillor Kevin Peel, according to local sources, has been suspended from Manchester Labour Group for insulting Salford City Council on Facebook, following Labour’s defeat in a by-election.

Peel, who was in Finland when he found out, has a reputation as being extremely outspoken on social media. Peel has announced he is standing down from the Council next year.

My understanding from sources in Salford is that the Salford Labour Group was enraged by Mr Peel’s Facebook post and complained to their Manchester colleagues Leader Sir Richard Leese, Deputy Leader Sue Murphy and the Chief Whip Suzannah Reeves, who took swift action.

A Labour Councillor told me, “I’m not surprised, Kev was a ticking time bomb. He was eventually going to say something to get himself suspended”.

A Salford political figure told me, "I'm really glad they took action, he deserves it for what he said". 

Mr Peel, a Spokesman for the Labour Group and the Chief Whip all didn’t reply to my request for a comment. 

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