Rumors that Manchester Council Executive Member Kate Chappell to resign & trigger by-election

Multiple sources have told me that Rusholme ward Councillor Kate Chappell, who is currently on maternity leave from Manchester City Council, will be resigning and triggering a by-election for May. 

Chappell, who had been tipped as a future Council Leader by some, is the Executive Member for the Environment. Rosa Battle is currently covering her portfolio whilst Chappell is on maternity leave.  

I’ve made repeated attempts to contact Councillor Chappell, but have been unable to get through. Sources close to the Council leadership confirmed the story. 

A senior party figure told me, “She’s going in part because of her kids but also because of being bullied by people in Rusholme”.

Other sources in Manchester Labour say that Chappell feared being deselected and jumped before she was pushed.

Labour North West didn’t return phonecalls.


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