Julie Reid accused of plagiarising Sam Wheeler’s Facebook statement

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Local members in Manchester Gorton have been in touch with me to accuse Councillor Julie Reid, in a post for this site, of copying Sam Wheeler's Facebook launch statement. 

A local member sent me the following graphic. 


I put the accusations to Reid and she said, “I categorically did not plagiarise Sam Wheeler, it is in fact the other way around. He copied my opening statement (also on WriteYou). He wants to get in a race to out Gorton me. I am quite a bit older than him and have quite a bit more experience than him in Manchester Gorton”. 

A spokesman for Mr Wheeler said, “We are flattered by Julie's article and wish her the best of luck. It's great that there are so many local candidates running for selection in Gorton, especially two who both live in Abbey Hey”. 


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