Jeremy Corbyn's outstanding leadership on transport policy will mean a better deal for Britain's passengers

Well you've got to hand it to Jeremy Corbyn, he knows what it's like to travel on public transport in Britain 2016. Anyone who's seen the picture of him today sitting on the floor of an overcrowded London to Newcastle train will know what I'm talking about. 

Critics will no doubt try and accuse him of spin. But let's face it, what's there to spin here? Sadly, a man sitting on the floor of overcrowded train is such a daily reality across the length and breadth of Britain these privatised rail days that, had the Leader of Her Majesty's Opposition not been filmed there, it wouldn't be making news.

So thanks Jeremy for drawing the news gaze to an unspun mug shot of you that serves to highlight just how much the British public are being repeatedly taken for mugs under our profit-orientated transport system that too often turns rail carriages into human cattle-trucks.

Thanks too for turning up at an Action for Rail zone in London today to help rail unions and  disability groups draw attention to the #RipOffRail regime we now live under.

Analysis by the TUC shows that rail fares have risen by a whopping 25pc in the last six years but weekly wages have risen by less than half that.

We learned today that Tory Theresa's government will continue with the annual regulated reward to the privateer train operating companies who are presiding over increased overcrowding, increased delays, record levels of  passenger dissatisfaction and overseeing fractious industrial relations with the annual automatic hike in fares.

And as train fares rise for hard-pressed passengers who deserve better, we learn too that in the last year  alone dividends paid to share holders of private train companies have risen by 21pc to £222 million. 

This isn't just outrageous, it's obscene. This is more than rip off, this is robbing from the public's purse for privateers pockets. As I've said before, at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask!

If you want to know why rail and transport unions support Jeremy it's because he gets that life in modern Britain is not fit for the 21st century and that like living standards and working standards, passenger rights are under attack. 

When it comes to the railways he's listened to and worked with the unions to come up with a People's Railway Charter, which is now Labour policy and means that under a Labour government train operating companies will be returned to public ownership as their franchises expire. He will use the National Investment bank to invest in British rail and plate steel to keep our infrastructure business in business. 

Following Jeremy's outstanding lead on transport, rail unions and passengers have also welcomed the call from Labour's London Mayor, Sadiq Khan, to allow Transport For London to take over the running of Southern Rail immediately.

Southern's passengers can no longer rely on Department of Transport's Director of Passenger Services' Paul Wilkinson whose decision to pick fights with tube workers and jeopardise passenger safety by axing safety critical and customer service staff means I don't trust him to run a bath let alone a railway!  He's not shown himself to be worth even a single penny of his  £275,000 a year salary. 

Earlier this year the Government's own Public Accounts Committee told the Department of Transport "strong leadership" and  "radical change" was needed in the way rail was managed including "service improvements and better value for money for taxpayers". 

Well so far the only strong leadership, proposals for radical change in rail management, service improvements for passengers and better value for taxpayers are being provided by the Labour Party under Jeremy Corbyn's leadership.

Corbyn is the man with the plan for a People's Railway and today he has announced under his leadership councils will once again be able to run their own municipal bus services. 

Privatisation has broken Britain's transport networks and whilst they can  be relied on to deliver huge profits for the foreign rail privateers who own them, they are failing to deliver for the British people who use them.

Jeremy Corbyn's vision for Labour in 2020 is to place passengers and passenger service back at the heart of our transport system - so no-one and nobody is left sitting on a train floor. A People's Railway not a privateers' profit playground is definitely a strong leadership vision and  one worth voting Labour for. 


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