Jeremy is not a marmite politician - he's much more important than that

This Labour leadership battle is not about Jeremy Corbyn.

You know that. I know that. Jeremy knows that. That's why he is always the first to stress that good politics is never about personality. 

And keeping it focussed on economic policy has proved to be a winning strategy in our Party whose membership has mushroomed, in the country where the turnout for Jeremy's rallies have been even more astounding this year than last and, in the news media where they still can't fill enough column inches or broadcast slots with opinions about him. 

Jeremy is not a marmite politician. In a digital age he's much more important than that, he trends and his decisive agenda has pulled the whole British political spectrum leftwards. 

Far from being a turn off, Jeremy's vision of a different kind of politics has people right across the spectrum turn-on, tune-in - and enlist. And this last year has seen an exciting and unprecedented display of people-powered solidarity with our Labour leader.

I say to the those of you in the PLP and beyond who keep wanting to make Jeremy take the fall for a Tory bad call on Brexit, stop it and start focussing on the real fight in hand: the one against the Tories. Be sad about Brexit if you want to, but lay the blame for Brexit and its consequences where it belongs: at Tory doors.  

It was great to hear Ed Balls insist his PLP colleagues not to walk away from the Labour table, "not to do a Brexit," but stay on. Good advice. I say to those members of you who are feeling bemused and bewildered, come and join us on the last weeks of this summer's campaign trail. You will be welcome. And with your support, we can yet turn this leadership campaign into a full-on assault on the Tories.

It's been a rocky honeymoon period, but it's time to settle down and make our Labour broad church coalition work. Labour will survive because as Jo Cox said: "We have more in common than that which divides us," and unity of purpose against the Tories is always our common ground.

Let's face it, Jeremy remains this year's political sensation. Far from being an election loser, he's already pulled off two astonishing election victories: the first being elected last summer onto the ballot to be in the Labour leadership contest and the second getting elected - yes with that overwhelming mandate - as Leader of the Labour Party. 

Don't think for a minute the establishment don't get that. Don't think for a minute that those with vested interests in our corporations, cartels and corridors of power believe Jeremy can't win a general election, form a Labour government and become our next Prime Minister. It's why they spend so much time trying to destroy him. The ‘train-gate’ saga was just further proof that the big capitalistas know that Corbynistas gather ever-larger to serve the people's notice on their fat-cat, tax-exile, neo-liberal ways. They aren't loony 

Jeremy Corbyn's conviction politics is continuing to inspire hundreds-of-thousands of people to come together to create the largest social democratic party in Europe. His strength and unwavering belief in serving the patriotic public interest, his prosperity policy plan which will begin the process of rebuilding and rebalancing our whole country has rekindled hope and certainty in Labour.     

Let's embrace the change. Let's stick up for Jeremy's decisive and steadfast leadership. Let's be proud that we have popular and credible economic policy proposals. Let's stand for a National Investment Bank that will invest £500 million in environment-friendly infrastructure programmes to rebuild and rebalance our economy; a mass council house building programme that means everyone should have a place they can call their own; market-free National Education and National Health Services free at the point of us and a publicly-owned rail service with a strategy to grow it in accordance with passengers needs and complete gender-equality. 

The fight on our hands shouldn't be about who manages our Party better: Owen Smith, has for the most part, agreed with Jeremy's Labour values so it must now be all about about which party can manage our country in the best interests of all our people. And for us more in commoners, that's a Labour no-brainer.

The neo-liberal consensus of squeezing the people until their pips squeak is over. And it's not just poor people who are feeling the pinch. It's all our people. The NHS is not safe in Tory hands which is why our doctors are coming out on strike again. Our railways are not safe in Tory hands which is why rail workers are returning overwhelming mandates for strike action. Our country deserves better. Our members know that in place of Tory strife, we need Labour in power. Now is the time to stand-up for Jeremy, respect the grassroots, the members' vote and get our flourishing People's Labour Party back into Downing Street. 


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