Jeremy for Labour leader and a progressive democratic Brexit

Post-Brexit Britain needs its political leaders to show real courage, confident leadership and fresh ideas in the face of the adversity and panic that now besets us.

The stock market is in crisis, the pound is in free fall and our fellow workers and their families - whether they voted remain or leave - are more worried than ever about their job security, the cost of living and whether they will be able to make ends meet.

Yet for the most part we have leaders who are bolting. The Prime Minister who played the referendum card as a political gamble and lost, has resigned. His has washed his hands of the responsibility of dealing with a Brexit created to appease his critics within the Tory party. Sadly, this was played out in divisive referendum which has split our country in half. Good riddance to him although increasingly, the legacy of his failed gamble is more pain for ordinary working people and the prospects of the end of our country as we know it.

And it is almost unbelievable to watch the  Labour Party plunge into a crisis of its own making as its MPs involve themselves in childish, self-indulgent behaviour which doesn't befit their office, Far too many have gone absent without leave just at the time the country and our voters in particular, need a united Labour Party holding this divided Tory government to account. This is time for cool heads, not hot ones!

It is not just ironic, it's outrageous that Labour's top quitters have the gaul to accuse Jeremy Corbyn of being too sceptical about remain, or not showing leadership skills when he is showing mettle in face of mutiny as sadly, the winds of Brexit clear out Labour's front bench.

Let's face it, far from not showing leadership, Jeremy's the only leader we have left, the only party leader that hasn't blinked in the face of this Tory Brexit mess and he  now remains as the only leader capable of negotiating a progressive Brexit settlement dedicated to shared economic growth and shared prosperity.

The problem with the PLP is that far too many don't like what Jeremy represents. They don't like the fact that against the wishes of most of them, Labour Party members overwhelmingly voted for him to be our leader. Some also appear not to like the newly swollen membership who share Jeremy's socialist vision. They also don't like that Jeremy is of the membership and for the membership rather than their convenience.

Jeremy stands for a fairer kind of politics, for a publicly funded NHS,  publicly owned railways, free education, tax justice  and for a National Investment Bank which will invest a portion of our GDP in major public infrastructure programmes including mass council housing projects as a means to create skilled jobs and widen the tax base and brighten the job and housing futures for our young.

Jeremy has been the only political leader with the courage to say that we need to undo Thatcher's political settlement and build a new economy. The reason people in our old industrial heartlands feel angry and politically disoriented is because our service based economy has left them and their families behind. Their only prospects are low paid, insecure jobs and the prospects for their children are abysmal. The drawbridge has been pulled up on them and the social mobility ladders broken.

Jeremy rightly believes that austerity is a political choice not an economic necessity and that we must invest to build our way to prosperity and real opportunity. His views are seen as dangerous by our establishment  as he represents a change to economic orthodoxy.  Its why market fixated zealots in the PLP and other establishment forces have been against him since the day he made it onto the leadership ballot last year. This tells me he is on the right track as no one else in the PLP has anything remotely new to offer never mind having the courage to challenge the prevailing orthodoxy.

Jeremy's is now the the only post-referendum leader with a plan to stick up for a for a fairer, prosperous Britain for the many not the few.

Leading from the left, Jeremy has the fresh ideas to negotiate a progressive Brexit which will  reboot and rebalance our whole economy and lead to massive public investment programmes with  the potential to be as exciting and as people-centred as under Labour's great nation building projects post-1945.

The terms of Brexit can't be negotiated behind closed doors. The more than 33 million who voted in the referendum can't be kept in the dark. There is a compelling democratic case for the terms of Brexit to be put to a vote of the British people to ensure that it is their will which prevails.

There hasn't been a coup in the Labour Party, but there has been a mass, very squeaky exit from the front bench by people who should know better and at this difficult time, they should have united behind our to lead Britain out of a Tory made crisis. At a time when we could have done with all hands on deck, sadly some good people have lost their nerve and abandoned ship.

In the mean time Jeremy Corbyn shows courage under the extreme duress and remains a calm and steady hand on the wheel of our major ship of state, our Labour Party, and is continuing to chart a course through very choppy waters.

The membership and the Labour movement is strong, united and ready to serve and defend our ship, our captain and our progressive course. 

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