Jeremy Corbyn is wrong about Syria

In the past I’ve passionately opposed bombing Syria. I opposed RAF strikes against ISIS.  

But Donald Trump was right to do what he did last night and Jeremy Corbyn is wrong to oppose him. 

Some of the worst pages in human history are those that detail the collapse of existing governance. Decolonisation has killed tens of millions around the world.

Change without a plan leads to the breakdown of natural order and unspeakable human atrocity.

When George Bush and Tony Blair invaded Iraq in 2003 they didn’t have a plan for what happened after the fall of the regime. Hundreds of thousands have died. 

Chaos and terror cripple the Iraqi government in a vicious cycle of instability. The lack of a plan in Iraq directly led to the Islamic State.

That’s why I’ve opposed bombing in Syria because it just puts a bandaid on the problem. We need a large multi national ground force to ensure stable democratic Government in the region. This will allow the economies in Syria and Iraq to grow and rebuild and create the conditions for stable government.

What happened last night is entirely different. 

A shameless dictator used Sarin gas on his own people. Innocents literally had their last breaths choked out of them in conditions I can’t even imagine let alone want to experience.

Assad used chemical weapons on his own citizens. 

When evil exists in the world, I believe it is our moral duty to overcome it. Everyone wherever they live in the world deserves the opportunity to be free and live their life to the best of their ability free of want and persecution.

This strike wasn’t about overturning a regime.  This strike is a natural reaction to human slaughter.

The Americans knew the location where Assad was launching chemical weapons. They bombed it.

I understand Jeremy’s wider concerns about the region many of which I share. But this is an isolated one off attack to stop a lunatic using sarin gas on children.

The Americans had a shot and they took it and Donald Trump should be applauded for that.


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