Ian Lavery MP

Ian Lavery MP

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Ian Lavery MP

Ian Lavery MP

Ian Lavery MP

“There is a great deal of hope” for Labour that must have a “much slicker operation”

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WriteYou Founder Mike Joslin spoke with Ian Lavery

Ian Lavery isn’t a typical politician. Lavery is a refreshing change from an age of politician that went to university and then worked in or around politics before becoming an MP. 

Ian was a deep coal miner. I’ve been with Ian to the former Ellington colliery where he worked in his youth. He represents the town where he was born and raised and is very well known in the local area. He became the MP in 2010.

In the last Labour Shadow Cabinet reshuffle he was appointed joint election co-ordinator with Andrew Gwynne.

I spoke to him about his politics and his priorities for the Labour Party. He was refreshingly frank about Labour’s election campaigning saying there is “no doubt” that Labour must embrace new developments.

He said, “With the changes that have taken place in Politics across the world, the same techniques that worked in the past may no longer be relevant today. With a strong set of policies rooted in the principles of the Labour Party, we have a great story to tell voters on the doorstep. Changing our approach to canvassing and campaigning is going to be part of a wider reconstruction of any old practises that need brought up to date to engage with both new age and traditional core voters”.

Here is the full interview. 

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