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In June last year WriteYou opened for business. I wanted to create a non-partisan newspaper of human opinion that created a platform for debate, a social network for news. 

In that time I’m genuinely proud of what we’ve achieved. With a very small budget we’ve created a non-partisan community of over 400 hundred contributors featuring some of the most famous people in Britain. In the process we’ve built a readership in the hundreds of thousands.

No other digital media operation outside of the big media outlets, with the huge resources that brings, has built up a contributor base to rival ours. It shows the massive potential that WriteYou has to grow and I am excited about our growth.

I wanted to up date you on some upcoming activities:

-       We are launching a US edition and will be rolling out content from several Republican and Democratic Senators who have signed up to WriteYou.

-       We will be launching our interactive user system shortly that allows people to interact with each other and contributors.

-       We will launching a membership system that will give members access to exclusive content and events.

-       We are launching WriteYou on Sunday, a newspaper delivered to your phone. We have ambitions to roll this out daily.

I’m sure you would agree now more than ever in this uncertain political time it’s absolutely vital to have independent news sources like WriteYou.

Our business model is solid and is based on individual members, corporate members and advertising to our community. 

To make all this possible, we have to raise money. As we work to achieve the significant investment required to take WriteYou to the next level and build our membership programme, in the short term we are attempting to raise £30,000 to provide working capital.

If you can help donate please click here. Anything you can give will help us in our mission to create a non-partisan, fearless and independent platform.

Everyone who donates will be part of our Donor Club. 

Thanks very much for being part of our community.

If you want to give a larger amount, I am open to equity offers. If you are interested in commercially sponsoring us please get in touch.

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