Government late to realise big business cannot be left to shape economy

It is welcome the Government has woken up to the fact that they can actually do something to shape the economy instead of shrugging their shoulders and leaving big business to get on with it.

If they'd accepted that when they first came to power, we might not be on the verge of Brexit and leaving the single market.

However, so far today there has been a lot of talk about business and what employers think - well businesses don't magically happen, every bottom line is underpinned by a workforce.

An industrial strategy cannot just be about what employers want, working people have to be at the heart of any such strategy, yes in skills and training, but also in making sure that their ideas and ambitions are heard.

A proper, active industrial strategy means good jobs, good wages and a decent standard of living.

As we face an uncertain future and economy outside the EU, a new 'active' role for government cannot mean actively attacking rights and protections at work under the guise of deregulation and cutting red tape - we've been there before.

It must mean actively engaging with and listening to the wants, needs and aspirations of workers and their communities.

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