Things get vicious in Gorton as smear campaign against Sam Wheeler appears

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In the previous week a group of Labour members in Manchester Gorton, have engaged in vicious internet smear attacks on journalists & rival candidates. These attacks are linked to friends of Councillor Rabnawaz Akbar and in some cases Mr Akbar himself.  A group called “The Levy Massive” on Facebook is the centre of many of these attacks. 

Karen Broady, an associate of Mr Akbar according to multiple sources, has spent the morning attacking Mr Wheeler on Twitter. Mr Wheeler's spokesman described the smears as "nonsense". 

In the last 24 hours the following photoshopped version of Mr Wheeler’s logo appeared on social media. It alludes to the fact that Mr Wheeler is supported by the top levels of Momentum and people close to Jeremy Corbyn. There is no evidence to suggest who is behind it. 



Mr Akbar has made many untrue allegations about me both on and offline. He posted the below Facebook post saying that I hadn’t done enough research. He has alleged to many people in Manchester many categorically untrue allegations, that have no basis in fact. I'm not publishing the allegations.


I attempted to contact Mr Akbar on many many occasions and he doesn’t reply to me. He has been given repeated opportunities to put his side of the story.

One of the people linked to these attacks by local sources is Sohayla Wilson. Sources have confirmed to me that she has lobbied on behalf of Mr Akbar on numerous occasions. One of my sources saying, “it's Sohayla behind a lot of this”. Wilson posted on Akbar’s attacks on me, but deleted these comments. Yesterday a Unite account she is linked to attacked Afzal Khan on Twitter but these posts were later deleted. Below you can see where the comments were and have now been deleted from. 


Negative campaigning in selections is banned by the Labour Party.

Rabnawaz Akbar is welcome to comment on this story.

A Spokesman for Mr Wheeler said, “This just shows how worried people are about the support Sam is gaining in this campaign”. I've been unable to contact Sohayla Wilson, but we will put up a quote from her as and when we receive it. 


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