GMB welcomes Labour pledges that will help millions

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GMB union welcomes the General Election pledges from the Labour Party that include:

- Giving workers equal rights from day one, whether they are part-time, full-time, temporary or permanent workers

- Banning zero hours contracts

- Ending the public sector pay cap

- Holding a public inquiry into blacklisting

- Raising the minimum wage to £10

This is exactly why we need a Labour government - if these policies were in place today, they'd transform the lives of millions of working people.

If Theresa May is serious about wanting to represent workers up and down this country, it's 'money where your mouth is' time.

She could match these pledges today and give people much needed security at work, end the public sector pay pinch that has seen the public servants we all rely on lose thousands of pounds in pay and instantly start to tackle in-work poverty.

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