Remove the hurdle of Article 50 legal challenge and get on with Brexit for the good of the economy

The hurdle the Remainers have put in the way of Brexit by taking their constitutional challenge is an obstacle the country and the economy could well do without.

I find the whole thing bizarre, the UK economy is at its highest level in two years and the Sterling drop is galvanising activity. Yes there will be inflation, but we, as a country, can look within to cover much of that and make the changes necessary.

Intra UK tourism is up substantially, the UK even recently won second best beach in the world, behind Dubai. The people have spoken, and it doesn’t matter if it was 50.01%, the vote carried.

MPs had already passed the power to the people in the referendum so it is absurd now to contemplate returning the decision or even discussion on the decision to parliament.

David Cameron has already failed the people, and is in breach of trust by not initiating Article 50 and simply stepping down. Had Cameron acted and initiated Article 50 in good time rather than essentially retiring for book tours and cash then the issue wouldn’t have come up. It’s all taking too long and the EU is in disarray as, without the UK, they are in trouble and they know it.

The judiciary are not voted for by the people and have no business being involved in a decision already taken by Parliament to leave it with the people.

How on earth can we stand there in judgement of the absurdity of the US electoral choices when we have this ridiculous situation in our own backyard?

The issue is, I think, business is waiting to see what they are going to do, and that will adversely affect the climate. It’s created an environment where business is asking questions such as, do we invest, do we wait, do we hire more people, what will the exchange rate do, will we be able to trade with the EU and until when 

Massive amount of disquiet is being caused by the people challenging the decision and the non-elected judges who have no right to have an opinion on what parliament handed to the public to make the decision.  The people have spoken and that should be the end of it.

Don’t bother with the appeal, hear it in the house, and throw it out so businesses and everyone else across the UK can get on with it and take the country forward.

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