Breathing life into the funeral industry

The funeral world is populated by the inspiring and the sickening.

The public are starting to engage with this taboo subject but when the inevitable happens they are usually ill prepared, vulnerable consumers. They are open to acts of kindness but also abuse from an industry generally stuck in the Victorian era and dominated by stealthy, corporate giants.   

For 25 years, the Natural Death Centre has empowered and informed folk seeking further information. Those who possibly want to regain control, go eco, keep the deceased at home, bury on private land, do a DIY funeral, find a flexible and transparent undertaker or simply save considerable sums when arranging a more conventional funeral.

The good news is that in these years we have spawned and inspired other organisations and businesses to change the way we approach funerals, such as the Death Cafe movement, the Good Funeral Guide, the home funeral organisations, the natural burial grounds, the alternative coffin producers and the dozens of artisan, modern funeral directors (mainly women) who are springing up in every region. Not to forget the Direct Funeral specialists who are radically changing the way we can do funerals (for one third of the price) thanks to the likes of Bowie and Prince who have departed down this route.

Our influence was recognised at the Good Funeral Award 'Death Oscars' in September 2016 where we picked up the Lifetime Achievement Award and were commended for our most significant contribution to the understanding of death.

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