Open Letter - Labour Members March for #OurNHS

This Saturday, Labour members from across the country will join Jeremy Corbyn MP, John McDonnell MP and others on the March for our NHS, which has been called by Health Campaigns Together and the People's Assembly Against Austerity, and supported by numerous trade unions. As part of building support for this important demonstration, the Labour Assembly Against Austerity initiated an Open Letter urging Labour Party members to support the demonstration and get involved with local and Labour campaigning in defence of the NHS.

Below we publish a small cross-section of over 2000 Party members who have signed the letter - I hope you will join us with members and banners from your local Labour Party this Saturday – full details at

Matt Willgress,

National Organiser, Labour Assembly Against Austerity.


We note with concern that the crisis in the NHS has reached a new level in recent weeks. We need to be clear that this Government has helped to create the crisis in the NHS, which is facing the biggest financial squeeze in its history. Hospitals are underfunded, social care has collapsed, which puts more pressure on hospitals, staff are overworked and conditions are deteriorating.

The Government’s drive to privatise the NHS will only make this situation worse.

Yet Teresa May and Jeremy Hunt are burying their head in the sand, even criticising the Red Cross for declaring a ‘humanitarian crisis’ in the NHS.

But there is an alternative. Jeremy Corbyn has pledged Labour to secure our NHS and social care, committing that “We will end health service privatisation and bring services into a secure, publicly-provided NHS. We will integrate the NHS and social care for older and disabled people, funding dignity across the board and ensure parity for mental health services.”

We believe both that the election of a Labour Government is crucial to saving the NHS and that we must take action now to defend our NHS or risk losing it forever. We therefore pledge to join the growing movement to save the NHS from destruction, including through supporting the Labour section on the #OurNHS National Demonstration on 4 March.


Grahame Morris MP

Matthew Willgress, Labour Assembly Against Austerity National Organiser

Emma Rees and Adam Klug, Momentum National Organisers

Marsha-Jane Thompson, Editor, Jeremy Corbyn for PM


With: Councillor Max Holloway, Welwyn Hatfield

Councillor Brenda Dacres, Lewisham

Councillor Malcolm Wright, Darlington

Councillor Julia                  Conner, Hull

Philip Hall, Councillor, Almondsbury Parish Council

Simeon                   Elliott, National Policy Forum Representative for South East Constituencies

Keith Edwards, Chair, East Devon CLP

Ian Fletcher, Chair, Weaver Vale CLP                      

Sue Marshall, Chair, North East Cambs, CLP

Christopher Robinson, Chair, Stoke South CLP

Carol Machell, Secretary, Calder Valley CLP

Georgina Harrison, Secretary, South Holland and the Deepings CLP

Angela Everitt, Secretary,North Somerset CLP                    

Jo Anne                  Rust, Secretary, North West Norfolk CLP               

Mike Bird, Secretary, Llandudno and District CLP             

Georgina Harriso, Secretary, South Holland and The Deepings CLP

Karen Lee, Womens Officer, Lincoln CLP

Ruth Hayes, Islington North CLP EC member and Chair, Unite the Union National Committee for Community, Youth Workers & Not for Profit Committee

Bala Nair, North Durham CLP Ethnic Minorities Officer

Katherine, Coutanche, EC Member, Aberconwy                 CLP

Veronica Alvarez, Vice-Chair, North Durham CLP

Nikola Mansfield, Bracknell CLP                 Fundraising Officer

Alison Clarke, Liverpool West Derby CLP, Political Education Officer

Kierin James, Southport Young Labour Secretary

Jeanette Fletcher, Weaver Vale CLP Treasurer

Kevin Treweeks, Sutton and Devonport CLP TULO officer              

Candy    Gregory, North Thanet CLP TULO Women's officer

Jack Dunn, Vice-Chair, Sheffiel Heeley CLP          

Colin Nicholson, NE Cambs CLP Vice chair

Sonya    Andermahr, South Northants CLP Vice Chair

Jenny Ruskin, Radstock                  CLP vice chair                                       

John Scott, Crewe and Nantwich CLP Vice Chair

Martin  McCulloch Airdrie and Shotts CLP Vice Chair

Pat Page, Dundee CLP Womens Officer                                    

Julie Renyard, New Forest East CLP, Women's and Equality officer

Sylvia Veale, Portsmouth CLP Womens Officer

Georgina Arapi, Stoke South CLP Women's Officer

Carolyn                  Magson,  Bristol East CLP Women's officer

Janis Garbutt, Gloucester CLP Women's officer                 

Kimberley Griffin, Women’s Officer, Epsom and Ewell CLP

And over 2000 other Labour Party members.

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