Bira, the world’s first ever beer for kebabs!

Launched in December 2016, Bira is the world’s first ever beer created especially as an accompaniment to quality kebabs, grilled meats and BBQ meals. Developed by a master brewer and one of Britain’s leading kebab restaurateurs, Bira goes perfectly with the flavours and spices used in the foods of the Eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia. Lovingly crafted over many months of hard work, Bira is certain to make a splash in the UK’s burgeoning kebab restaurant scene.

Launched in London’s fittingly grand Sheraton Hotel to an audience of friends and beer lovers alike, Bira has already been warmly received among Britain’s kebab connoisseurs. The founder of Bira, Ibrahim Dogus, himself an experienced kebab restaurateur, made a speech to mark the momentous occasion, before the assembled crowd were the first lucky members of the public to get stuck into the innovative new beer. Bira can now already be enjoyed in several London restaurants with many more hopefully to follow.

Ibrahim is also one of the founders of the British Kebab Awards. He got involved in the awards as a means of celebrating and recognising the fact that the kebabs being made and enjoyed in the UK are getting better and better all the time. In the same way that the Kebab Awards have been helping make kebabs better, now so does Ibrahim’s latest addition to the kebab scene: Bira!

Millions of Brits enjoy Kebabs every day and the makers of Bira saw a gap in the market: there is no beer that is made especially for kebabs. As people in this country are increasingly enjoying kebabs as a proper sit-down meal, it seems only right that they can enjoy a beer with it. Enjoying quality beer and kebabs are both great things about life in the UK; why not bring them together? These days, kebabs do not necessarily come in a falling-apart pita bread, late at night. They are enjoyed as a relaxed, sit-down meal with friends and family. Moreover, people’s impressions of kebabs are changing. They realise that they don’t have to be unhealthy and greasy. Barbequing is actually a great way to cook meat, as it does not need oil, and these meals are typically piled high with tasty salads.

On top of this, more and more kebab restaurateurs are going the extra mile to deliver truly excellent kebab meals. And it’s not just the tastes that make eating Eastern Mediterranean and Anatolian food so special, it is the relaxed and fun, yet dignified, atmosphere of this way of eating, something that really appeals to people in the UK. For these reasons, more and more Brits are choosing kebab restaurants as places to meet up and relax with friends. Bira is the perfect beer to have alongside these good times.

Bira has been brewed to go perfectly with the taste of grilled and barbequed meat, and in particular with the range of spices and seasonings used in preparing quality kebabs. Months of testing and tasting went into developing the special recipe that gives Bira its unique taste. Bira is a dry, very smooth lager, with barley notes and a strong body. It is a lager, a real Western European style beer, but it also draws on the influence of Turkish style beers as well. With its refreshing taste, it can of course be enjoyed with or without food!

The journey and taste of Bira reflect the journey kebabs have undergone in Britain. People from the Eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia who came to this country and made it their home brought some great traditions with them. They also adapted to the culture of the country that they now call home. We now enjoy truly authentic examples of this rich culinary tradition across the country, as the quality of restaurants continues to rise. Kebab restaurants have become institutions in towns across Britain. It is against this backdrop of kebab restaurants becoming truly part of British culture that Bira makes so much sense, combining different styles and tastes to make it the perfect beer to accompany the diverse culinary tradition of the Eastern Mediterranean and Anatolia, itself a mix of cultures and flavours.

Indeed, the mix of flavours in Eastern Mediterranean and Anatolian cuisine is the product of centuries of mixing and good living, something which the taste of Bira perfectly encapsulates. Its smooth taste gently eases you into a long evening of conversation, laughter and good food. In true Anatolian fashion, an evening with Bira begins with friends and loved ones, picking over delicate meze before moving on to sharing succulent kebabs, with the fun carrying on long into the night.

So, if you love kebabs and Anatolian food, Bira is the beer for you. If you have a favourite restaurant or bar, where you would like to see Bira, encourage them to get in touch. If you own a restaurant, pub or bar, why not consider stocking Bira?

We want to work together to improve the way we eat kebabs. This is the idea behind the Kebab Awards and the idea behind Bira: to encourage more and more people to make and enjoy truly great, British kebabs. Together we can make our food even more amazing.

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