Is there actually a difference between real news and fake news?

Please help me to understand the difference between Fake News and Real News, what constitutes the difference exactly, where is the line of demarcation between what is ‘fake’, and what is ‘real’?

Ignoring the fact that a huge proportion of what I read on social media is simply people’s attempts to show what they believe their target audience should see, think, hear, or what they would like them to perceive. 

Just the fact it’s on social media should be enough to start the questions being asked. I regularly watch people I know edit photos for Instagram to make themselves look ‘better’, write statuses explaining how great their lives are, or conversely, of course, upload ambiguous attention seeking statements such as ‘I have never been so hurt by what just happened’, and so on.

I raised my two step-daughters to question everything they read and see, and not accept any of it at face value, irrespective of the source. Additionally, and equally as importantly to check the source and verify it.

With that in mind, are elements of the mainstream media really strong sources of completely accurate news reporting?

Ignoring the fact, just for a minute, that so much of the mainstream media is controlled by so very few people, which parts of it can we trust, and rely on to try and steer our opinion? 

Of late, I watched last year’s UK General Election constantly showing polls, which said that the Conservatives would struggle, who then won by a landslide.  I watched the pundits put Brexit at 7-1 against or more, and polls regularly putting its likelihood at slight and we know what happened there! And then, of course, Mr Trump achieved a high victory despite it being treated like a joke.

I can go on about this for a long time, and pull out a myriad of examples, I guess my point is made though…treat it all as fake, or manipulative, or edited or otherwise motivated, and take a moment to ponder before your mind is made up.

From what I see, the fake news is actually now starting to change opinion, in a good way. 

Brexit is a massive positive opportunity, which still is being undermined by the ‘news’ streams and Trump is a real opportunity for change, and look at what is coming already by way of good news, healed relationships and yet still the media doesn’t like Mr Trump and constantly reports negativity, he is in disarray and so on – and sounds a bit like the Remain lobby talking about Brexit doesn’t it?

Parts of the mainstream media are not being taken seriously, no matter how much they go on about stories of racist and misogynistic behaviours, and yet surely as they are so far removed from what actually transpired, are they not also the deliverers of fake news?

Trump spoke openly and honestly, yes he is recanting a little, we all knew that would happen and, yet, his honest and open opinions, and not the fake news won him office.  It’s the so-called real news, which, in my opinion, can feature just as much fake news as those peddling one-sided views on social media!

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