Theresa May in total denial about NHS crisis

Just hours after the Prime Minister stands up at PMQs commending her Government’s funding of the NHS, the NHS England chief tells MPs that it would be stretching it to say that the NHS has got more money than it asked for.

Theresa May is in total denial about the crisis the Tories have created in the NHS.

The warnings from professionals and patients have flooded in, but Theresa May has just buried her head in the sand. At Prime Minister’s Questions today she again refused Labour’s calls for extra funding, claiming that she’s given the NHS the money it needs. But her argument has now been blown out of the water by two top NHS Chiefs who have starkly laid out the truth: the NHS is facing financial crisis under the Tories.

Enough is enough. Theresa May needs to come out of her bunker, admit she’s got it wrong and guarantee the funding the NHS needs.

Number 10 should listen to the experts like Simon Stevens and not be briefing against him.


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