Amina Lone says on Twitter that Corbyn is a “busted flush”

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Sources in Manchester Gorton have sent me a number of screenshots (below) of Councillor Amina Lone attacking Jeremy Corbyn and Labour in general on Twitter. Some of these tweets from February 2017 have now been deleted. Amina has confirmed she is seeking selection in Manchester Gorton.

She attacks Jeremy Corbyn by saying, "Unfortunately Corbs is a busted flush. He needs to go for Labour to have any chance of winning a GE". 

She also says, “Don’t think any person at the moment will recover Labour to a position of winning”.

She calls for Labour to have an interim leader.

I’m running this story not as an attack on Amina, simply a statement of what she put on Twitter. Eventually Guido Fawkes would find this story, such as in the case of Gareth Snell, and it’s in her and the CLPs interests that these tweets come out now.  Activists in Gorton have noticed these tweets and are circulating them around the constituency and around journalists. 

Amina Lone didn't reply to my request for a comment. 


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