Corbyn must change or Labour is doomed

Labour’s bruising leadership election campaign might be over, but the crisis about the Labour Party’s ability to become the next government remains. 

If our leader takes the result as a vote of electoral confidence in his performance, Labour is doomed.

The vote of the membership, supporters and affiliates might be decisive, but this does not reflect the views of the electorate, whose support is required to win a general election. This is shown in recent election results and in Jeremy’s historically low rating as a potential Prime Minister.

A leader who soaks up the adulation of those already committed to the cause without even noticing, let along being disturbed by the mixture of indifference and hostility outside, is selling his Party and country short.

Labour has always been a coalition of views and it succeeds when it keeps wide perspectives in its tent.

It is fashionable in Jeremy’s Labour Party to denigrate Labour’s achievement in Government in recent years. Three successive Labour wins - 1997, 2001 and 2005 - are unprecedented. Our achievements include establishing the minimum wage, introducing tax credits, record funding of the NHS and education, significant reduction of pensioner poverty, a national concessionary bus pass, and more.

The current claim that Jeremy has introduced a ‘new, gentler form of politics’ is far from the truth. Too many members who oppose Jeremy’s approach are vilified and abused.

The biggest question of all is whether those currently enthused with the leadership of the Labour Policy seriously want to become the Government. If they prefer to be a solely perpetual protest movement, without the responsibility of taking decisions, they should say so. And that would open up a whole new debate.


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