WriteYou's Conservative Conference Special

WriteYou’s latest intervention looks at the big issues facing the Conservative Party. 

With Brexit talk - will it be hard or soft? - set to dominate the conference, Tory MPs also tell us what issues matter most to them, including issues around house building and immigration:


Richard Bacon, MP for South Norfolk, asks why doesn’t the supply of housing rise to meet demand? He looks at the figures and says new housing completions have dropped from 350,000 each year in the 1960s to less than half of that now.

“In my South Norfolk constituency, it now costs 8.2 times average income to buy the average dwelling; in Hertfordshire one needs over 13 times’ average income; and in Oxford the multiple is 16 times.”


James Cleverly, MP for Braintree, looks at immigration and says the issue has become too polarised and that Brexit now gives us a good opportunity evaluate our attitudes towards immigration. 

“We have for many years focussed almost exclusively on the raw numbers, spending little time discussing the skills mix, the permanency or otherwise, cultural links, or any of the other potentially relevant factors.”


Kevin Foster, the MP for Torbay, says the Party Conference must look to the future and deliver a coherent and communicable vision of what Britain will look like in 2025.

“This year’s Conservative gathering in Birmingham must not be a reflection on a momentous year, but the start of a nine-year project delivering a positive vision for a post Brexit Britain.” 

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